Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Roses & Books

Last week, on April 23th, in Catalonia, we celebrate St George's day.

There's legend about a dragon and a princess (it's a long story, but I'll resume it, specially because I don't dare to translate it to English). The fact is, there was a dragon about to eat a princess. but then, Saint George appeared, killed the dragon and save the princess. From the blood of the dragon sprouted a rosebush, and that's why, in Catalonia, every April 23th, men give their beloved a rose.

And, as April 23th is also Book Day, women give their beloved a book.

So, it was very easy, I celebrate Saint George's with these cupcakes decorated with a rose and a book. 
These ones are basic chocolate cupcakes with an extraordinary buttercream made with butter and cream cheese (taken from the last Peggy Porschen's book). I promise to give you the recipe in the next entry!

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