Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Was Born This Way (Lady Gaga Cupcakes )

An image is worth a thousand words...

The fact is last Saturday I went to Lady Gaga's show in Barcelona, and to build up energy, nothing better than Gaga inspired cupcakes. So I bake a few vanilla cupcakes, swiss meringue buttercream for frosting (vanilla and chocolate for the black ones) and I started playing with the decoration. 

This first one it's easy, "Telephone", and I though making the telephone would be difficult, but it finally became very easy.

Telephone Lady Gaga Cupcakes

This second one is more recherche, it's based on the Versace dress Gaga wears in "The edge of Glory" video, although it must be any dress, as she always wears black dresses with tacks.

Edge of Glory Lady Gaga Cupcakes

For the third, "Bad Romance", based on the the red lace dresses on the video (although I changed the lace for embroidery). I really like the brush embroidery in red!

Bad Romance Lady Gaga Cupcakes

 And to finish, "Judas" with the cross which appears in the single cover...

Judas Lady Gaga Cupcakes

As you can see, those are really "freak" cupcakes, very different than the ones we usually do, but, here's the fun, isn't?

PS: The con, I'm not going to tell you how our mouths ended after eating the black ones ; )

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