Monday, 20 August 2012

And after the cupcakes, came the cake...

I guess I couldn't choose a better day to publish this entry than today.

First of all, today is Emilio's birthday, who, this cake is dedicated to, so, first of all... Happy B Day!!!! And  secondly, cause yesterday FC Barcelona played the first match in the Spanish football league, and, yes, we win!! (extra gift for Emilio, FC Barcelona fan, as you can see!)

Last week, Sonia (she was who encourage me to try, with only a month and half in this world of baking, to make my two rose cakes, the one classical in pink and the one in chocolate) asked me for a cake for her husband's birthday, and I proposed her this soccer themed cake.

Well, actually, not this one. Because the initial idea was an uncovered layer cake with layers of red velvet and vanilla cake dyed in blue, chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream on top simulating the grass.

But..., Thursday, entering fully in a heatwave, and taking into account that the cake should withstand a lot of miles by car, changed my mind and discard the buttercream, more than anything because I did not want that the grass became a green pool and filling falling through the edges of the cake.

So, fondant to the rescue, that also protects the cake and helps to conserve. And for the filling, no buttercream, no ganache... so, the less likely but most secure solution: Nocilla (the Spanish Nutella). And for the grass, royal icing!

And here you have a photo, courtesy of Sonia, so you can see the cut with the team colors.