Friday, 6 July 2012

A year bloggin'

Exactly one year ago, I published my first post in this blog. I didn't know where it was gonna take me, or how it would evolve, it was just a way to share a new hobby. 

In a year a lot has happened, just notice the difference between my first "cupcake" and the ones I did yesterday. In this year, I discovered a world that was completely unknown to me.A year ago, didn't know that these cakes with spectacular shapes and colors were made with fondant, and the best, with patience and practice, I can do something similar. I found not only cupcakes, also cookies, cakes or macarons (god, what a great discovery, macarons!). It has grown my interest in experimenting in the kitchen and now I have thousands of recipes I wanna make. It seems, now, one of my biggest concerns is the oven to work properly.

And the best part is sharing it here, read your comments on the blog, or on facebook, because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone takes the trouble to spend a few minutes of its time to comment on what you do. So, from here many thanks to all of you who read me always, sometimes, or only occasionally. To all you, thank you very much!

Here you have a compilation of all of this year, which is not little!

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