Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fisrt shopping

After the Oreo cupcakes, I decided that if I wanted to keep baking, it was time to start using "true" cookware. So, I consulted Mr Google and after visiting hundreds of online shops I decided to place my first order at "For the cakes

The purchase process is simple, and the shipping was super fast and everything arrived very well packaged. This was what I ordered:

- First of all, a nozzle. All my happiness went away when I found out that Wilton's 1M was out of stock (although the restock very fast, next week it was available again), but as I wanted a nozzle NOW!, I took that one. It's a a 16mm flower nozzle, a little too big, but it works well.

- Of course, I needed also a pastry bag, and I was very happy to find out this disposable pastry bags (I didn't know that they exist). There's no need to wash the pastry bag as I remember my mum always did!

- Next: cupcake liners. I bought that assortment from Städter, but I'm not happy with the results (not greaseproof, loose the colour)

- And finally, cucpakes boxes. As I do not want to end up like a ball, but I want to keep baking cupcakes, the only option is made others to eat them. So, I need a way to carry them. I bought two boxes, really good quality, ad two holders for 12 cupcakes (although the cupcakes were a little loose in the holders)
In the next entry, more shopping!!

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