Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beginnings are hard

The idea had been in my head for a time. One morning, I decided it was time to execute it. So, I had a glimpse at Internet and made a quick visit to the supermarket. I thought I had everything I could need. It was the day. That afternoon, I was going to bake my first cupcakes.

I decided to start with a basic recipe, and I though this one will be a good choice, from Fiesta Facil blog. The reason why I choose that one was, basically, because I was so lost about the quantity of strange ingredients which I had never heard about. And as this recipe had photo from all the ingredients, there was no risk of being wrong.

So, I started mixing the ingredients and then was the time to put the dough into the cupcake liners. I though it was not necessary to use a cupcake pan, but when I had the first two liners full of dough, and It was spreading dangerously, I notice that, if the recipe ask you to use a pan, it's not for nothing. So, I used that one from Lekué (the only I had at home) and baked my first cupcakes.

20 minutes later I had a quite acceptable cupcakes. So, it was buttercream moment. For my first buttercream I choose this basic vanilla buttercream recipe, that It seemed pretty easy to make. The only problem was that the measurements were in cups (here in Spain we always use grams for all the recipes), and I had no idea that how many grams were supposed to be in a cup of butter. Finally, I found my salvation in a  conversion chart.
The truth is that it  really was easy to make, there was only a bowl and a spatula needed, although it was a little liquid (afterwards I find out that it's not a good idea to soften the butter in the microwave - It's like the first capital sin in cupcake making). I coloured the buttercream with Vahiné liquid food colouring (the only food colouring available in the supermarket).

And then was the time for the decoration with the pastry bag. Well, notice that you can't expect good results with a pastry bag with a set of nozzles for 75 cents at the Chinese bazaar store, but in those days (only four weeks ago) I knew nothing about a 1M nozzle or somebody call Wilton).

Well, the thing that the cupcakes were... well, my firsts cupcakes:

Taking the photo with the mobile phone doesn't helps...

(It's been a month since that, now my cupcakes had a better look, but I wanted to show you my first attempt)

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